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Special Services for Realtors®

Country Club resources and tours are available for you and your client. We are happy to arrange tours of the Clubhouse and Wellness Center and custom tours can be created for the golf course. Dining options are available for you and your client as well. Special complimentary services are available for your client as part of our Host Program. Download more about Country Club resources and tours.

The barcode system makes gate entry easy. Realtors® will be asked to provide their business card or show their real estate license pocket card to the gate attendant for entry. If you plan to come and go frequently, you may apply for a vehicle barcode that will allow you to use the residents’ gate entrance. That’s especially helpful when you have a listing in the community. Download and complete the Realtor Barcode Registration Form and return it to Stephanie Cook at [email protected]. Stephanie will email you with further instructions once your application has been reviewed.

QR codes may be affixed to your client’s mailbox. Potential buyers can stop curbside and read the home’s MLS information on their phone. If you would like a QR code generated for your listing, please email Stephanie Cook ([email protected]) at the POA office with the following information:

  • Realtor Name
  • Realtor Email Address
  • Address of home for sale
  • MLS Listing link
  • Any questions or comments you may have

Showing Homes in Governors Club


You’ll find “Quick Facts” helpful for both you and your clients if you need an overview about our community, and “Amenitites and Facilities” will provide a brief overview of the County Club and some of its offerings.

Neighborhoods & Lot Sizes

We can’t say enough about our friendly neighborhoods where buyers find an outstanding variety of homes at prices ranging from below $400K to $3+ million. Home sizes and architectural styles offer many choices, yet each area and neighborhood of the community has a pleasing cohesive design. Download the Neighborhoods Brochure.

Annual General Assessments/Dues

Each property owner pays annual dues to the Property Owners Association to fund services such as maintenance of infrastructure, gate-related activities, appearance of common areas and other essentials.

The 2024 annual general assessments for the Master Association:

  • Improved lots- $3,820
  • Unimproved lots – $2,865

Some neighborhoods provide additional services or amenities for their residents and they have additional fees.

CLICK HERE to download the 2024 assessments/dues for the Master Association and Maintenance Sub-associations (neighborhoods) offering additional services and amenities.

CLICK HERE for contact information to complete the Residential Property Disclosure or Owners’ Association Disclosure Statements for the Governors Club POA Master Association and Sub-associations.

Closing Attorney’s Office ONLY (Not for Realtor use):  Information on how to obtain an assessment/dues quote for the amount that needs to be prorated as part of a property sale (often referred to as an assessment certification or statement of unpaid assessments), please

Vicinity and Greater Triangle Area Map

Download a map showing the location of Governors Club, its vicinity, and the greater Triangle area.


Download a quick list of public, charter and private schools and information about the award winning Chatham County school system.

Tax Advantages

Lots of good news here. Our Chatham County property tax rate is significantly lower than other areas in the Triangle.

See how the Taxes compare to other local property taxes.

In Governors Club:

  • A home valued at $1,000,000 pays $8,130 (compared to $16,377 in Carrboro, $16,053 in Chapel Hill or $13,099 in Durham)

Out of Town Visitors

Download options for nearby lodging and the Club’s Discovery Package. The Discovery Package enables visitors to reside onsite while they are exploring our community.

Governing Documents

Covenants & Bylaws

When you buy property in Governors Club you become a member of the Property Owners Association (POA). The POA is responsible for infrastructure throughout the community. This includes gates, roads, sidewalks, common area landscaping, storm water management and many other services similar to those provided by a small town to its residents. Water, fire and police services are provided by Chatham County.

The POA has governing documents in the form of Bylaws and Covenants.

  • The Bylaws govern how the POA operates as a corporation (board meetings, duties of board members, election and voting etc.). Download the Bylaws.
  • The Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions are designed to protect, maintain and improve the value of our homes, by establishing rules for our community. They are recorded in Chatham County records and are legally binding. Download the Covenants and the 41st Amendment to the Covenants.

Rules & Regulations

For a quick read, download the Rules and Regulations. It’s a copy of the Rules and Regulations for Governors Club which governs the community along with the Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions.

Architectural Guidelines

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) is a committee of Governors Club Property Owners Association (POA).   The ARB has a minimum of 5 members including residents and professionals who have experience in architecture, construction and landscaping.  The function of the ARB is to administer and perform the architectural and landscape review and control functions of the POA and other Associations within Governors Club.  The Covenants provide that no improvements or alterations may be constructed, erected, removed, or planted, nor may any addition, or exterior change, replacement, or alteration be made, unless and until, the approval thereof is obtained in writing from the ARB.

If you are planning to build a new home, renovate the exterior of your existing home or changing the landscape or drainage, etc. please refer to the Guidelines and Procedures and Supplemental Guidelines (if applicable) for further information prior to starting any work.  If building a new home, your builder will receive a contractor’s packet detailing all aspects of the construction process. At the successful completion of your new home, a “Certificate of Compliance” will be issued.

The ARB has published Guidelines and Procedures and Supplemental Guidelines to assist Property Owners, Homeowners, Architects, Landscape Architects, and General Contractors in designing and developing projects that will be harmonious with the character of Governors Club and compatible with the existing neighborhood in which they are sited.  The ARB Guidelines and Procedures, is the guiding document utilized by the ARB when reviewing submitted applications. Some Governors Club neighborhoods, also known as Village Communities (sub-communities) have Supplemental Guidelines.  These Village Communities include Club Cottages, Governors Square, Morehead Forest, Stone Brook, Tryon Courte, Vance Villas and Walker Falls.  There are special color palettes, and architectural and landscaping requirements for building in Village Communities.  In Club Cottages, Governors Square and Walker Falls, improvements must be situated on the lot in accordance with the recorded Plat. Club Cottages, Governors Square, Stone Brook, Tryon Courte, Vance Villa Single Family Homes and Walker Falls are based on models designed for each respective community.  Due to intellectual property rights law, plans may not be copied and/or given out to anyone by the POA Staff.  Property Owners should contact the architectural firms that created the original models for copies.

The ARB Guidelines and Procedures is a word searchable document.  If you save the ARB Guidelines and Procedures to your device, the table of contents may also be utilized to skip to a specific section of the guidelines by pressing and holding the “control” button on your keyboard, and by clicking on the desired section within the table of contents.

Download the ARB Guidelines and Procedures (updated 2023-12)
Download the Supplemental Guidelines